Monday, September 26, 2016

Police Men Everywhere

      I finally found my book I have been looking for.  It was by my bed because, I was reading it on Thursday to go to sleep.  So going back to the Mysterious Benedict Society, we last left off on the strangers following them.  I thought it was part of Mr. Curtian's group. they are after the kids and Mr. Benedict.  Sticky, Reynie, and Kate were hiding from the strangers.  After a while they heard the door bell ring.  I mean if this was me, I would run faster than my tinny legs could take me.  I would be a chicken.  But that is me, so going back they opened the door, and you now what happened, a police man was their.  I was wondering where the strangers were, or even where Milgid was.
A little info about Antonio

I love to play soccer and baseball.  Some of my favorite books are, Wonder, The Mysterious Benedict Society, and Harry Pottery.  I hope you like my blog, and visit some of my friends blogs.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

I wonder What Will Happen

So today i am starting a new book because I can not find my other book.  This book is called "Wonder" I am pretty excited to read it.  I hear the reviews are outstanding.  So I stare the book and I can relate to Auggie and me quite a bit. I hate when people judged me.  In addition I do not  necessarily like to go to a new school.  I like making new friends and ll but I don't get to see my other friends.  But I can not say much because people abuse him all over.  I think it would be pretty bad if, all of a sudden some of my best friends didn't like me, because of my appearance.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The Runner

     In todays chapter of , The Mysterious Benedict Society, Constance ran away. I think she ran away because all of this new information was to much for her, so she split.  I got to say learning about my biological mother and father for the first time, wold be pretty heavy.  Back to the story, Kate,Sticky, and Reynie are going to look for her.  I honestly  wold go look for her because she is my friend. In addition she is Mr. Benedict's daughter. But on the other hand it is late, and there are strangers everywhere.  They decide to go out and look for her.  When they got back some people were following them back.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

                                                                       Finding The Woman

      This is my second official day of blogging.  I am still reading The Mysterious Benedict Society.  We just found out that Constance is conformed as Mr. Benedict's daughter.  We were not always certain that Mr. Benedict had a daughter, but now we are.  Now they have traces of Constance's mother.  I personal wonder what she will look like.  Will her have blond hair like Constance or brown hair like Mr. Benedict. What color eyes, how tall, or bigger or small lady.  I predict that she will have blond hair with have eyes like Mr. Benedict and  as tall as Mr. Benedict (67 inch).  I can't wait to find out what she looks like.  
The Past Look

      Today in the Mysterious Benedict Society, Constance was having a flash back on he memories.  They just finished and they are having dinner.  I honestly think that potatoes on ham is not the best chose of food but they think different.  I mean i never had it before but it just doesn't sound good.  Also Eggnog, what is that I have never had it before but I kind of want to.  My mom says it is bad, but my dad says it is alright.  Well going back to the memories of Constance there was one part in there that I think was extremely important, but I am not sure.  Mr. Benedict is a secretive man.  But that is what I like about it, I love the mystery.