Monday, September 26, 2016

Police Men Everywhere

      I finally found my book I have been looking for.  It was by my bed because, I was reading it on Thursday to go to sleep.  So going back to the Mysterious Benedict Society, we last left off on the strangers following them.  I thought it was part of Mr. Curtian's group. they are after the kids and Mr. Benedict.  Sticky, Reynie, and Kate were hiding from the strangers.  After a while they heard the door bell ring.  I mean if this was me, I would run faster than my tinny legs could take me.  I would be a chicken.  But that is me, so going back they opened the door, and you now what happened, a police man was their.  I was wondering where the strangers were, or even where Milgid was.

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  1. Great blog I really like how you introduced the new characters! I really love that book good job